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AutoInsurance.net provides consumers with a simple platform to compare personalized rates from top car insurance companies. Rate estimates are provided for free by participating insurance companies and agencies for each state. AutoInsurance.net also provides objective advice to help drivers to find the best rate for the best coverage for their needs.

Who Can Really Save You Money on Car Insurance?

Are you confused on how to save money on car insurance? Don't worry, so are a lot of consumers. Car insurance companies are spending a lot of dollars on advertiser to find new customers. There's a good chance that you've seen TV commercials from leading insurance companies. The central messages in most of these commercials are that "We can save you money on car insurance." But can they really?

In short, no company can know for sure until you submit a quote request. A number of factors go into determining your rates, and so you won't know what you'll be quoted until you provide some basic information (vehicle info, coverage info, personal info).

So how do you really save on Auto Insurance? We recommend the following steps, all of which can be done through


  1. 1. Understand what kind of coverage you need
  2. 2. Shop around for quotes from the top insurance companies
  3. 3. Consult with at least one local agent that you like (in addition to getting quotes directly)
  4. 4. Compare your quotes for coverage
  5. 5. Choose the policy with the best coverage relative to its cost

How Can We Help You to Save on Auto Insurance?

AutoInsurance.net Works with licensed auto insurance agents to deliver you with online quotes from a variety of car insurance companies. The quote search also provides you with direct access to quotes from insurance companies.

The first step to finding savings on auto insurance is to request rate quotes from multiple insurance companies.

The second step is to read from our vast informative and easy to read article collection on how to find yourself the most and best discounts. Our agents are trained to find you the best discounts so you don’t have to worry, but for the really frugal there are dozens of discounts that you may be qualified for that are more uncommon.

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Switching My Existing Insurance Coverage

You may have many reasons for considering a switch in insurance companies, but the most likely reason is to try to save money on coverage. Since most insurance companies are eager to win their business, they usually provide you with customer support to facilitate the switch. You can change insurance companies at most any time, but your process will change slightly based on whether or not you're at the end of your existing term.